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Who are we?

We are Mallorcaparapente, a team of pilots who are dedicated to sharing our passion and make the passenger to enjoy a unique experience.

We have recently merged us with the company Mallorcafly and Madventure paragliding, two companies dedicated to providing courses and paragliding.
In this way, we are the largest company in the sector in Mallorca, being the only ones we can offer year-round paragliding providing an exclusive area to fly in winter season. Thus, we supply the best offer possible for this experience.
In addition, we are the only company that has several pilots to perform simultaneous flights either as a couple or with friends, without needing to be waiting for flying one first and then the other.

Mallorcaparapente is part of the Escola de Vol Mediterrani where we currently offer annual courses of :

Touchdown (tandem flights).
Initiation course.
Advanced of paragliding course.

If you are interested in any type of paragliding course do not hesitate to contact us.

Javi Canudas,  pilot with more than 15 years of experience shares his passion of flying with the competition in paragliding, his broad experience in  tandem flights gives us the necessary confidence required by this sport.
He also teaches courses of initiation and improvement of paraglider as a Instructor of the Escola de Vol Mediterrani...

Paraglider pilot.
Competition glider pilot.
Tandem pilot.
Paramotor pilot.
Instructor of the Escola de Vol Mediterrani.
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