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All our tandem paragliding flights carry a lot of responsibility, and for that reason it is MallorcaParapente´s top priority to guarantee the safety and pleasure of our passengers on all our Tandem flights. The high quality equipment used is maintained and revised on a regular basis.
All the pilots of Tandem MallorcaParapente have a certified degree from FBDA (Federación Balear de Deportes Aéreos) and are members of Club de Vol Mediterrani, a club that has the most number of paragliding pilots on the island and is well-known for the high standards of its pilots and the excellent results achieved in competing events.


A flight on a two seater paraglider, the nearest thing to bird flying, a paraglider specifically designed for two people is the easiest and safest way to learn about this sport. It is suitable for all people from 10 years old (with parental consent and in the presence of the parents) to 80 year olds. Elderly people have enjoyed the free sailing flight and no special type of physical training is required, however, if you do not meet the conditions we will study each individual case and do our best to make your dream come true.

  • It is advisable to have sturdy footwear that, if possible, protects the ankles.

  • In Mallorca the temperatures are quite high during the summer therefore light clothing should be worn, and long trousers are advisable.

  • Sunglasses    -   recommended

  • Camera and video camera   -   recommended

  • During the winter months, despite the Mediterranean climate, temperatures can be quite low, so gloves and warm, fitting, comfortable clothing should be worn.

  • Don´t worry about anything else………we have the rest!

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